OptiPricer runs as a plugin into your e-commerce platform

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Step One (1 of 4)

"Get a discount" button

Chosen product pages will present discount offers via an extra button called “Get a discount”. The position of this button is customizable but, as a default, it appears close to the “Add to cart” button. At this stage no discount has been generated or applied yet.

Step Two (2 of 4)

Login to Facebook

Optipricer will ask you for your Facebook login data, in order to access your profile data. To get the discount the customer needs to do this. There is a default message, but it also can be edited. Go ahead and click on the button below to go to the next step.

Step Three (3 of 4)

Getting the discount

At this point, user profile data has already been received and the customer has received the customized discount. This discount will then be applied to the product. Click the button below to move to the next, and final, step.

Step Four (4 of 4)

Buy the discounted product

The discount was applied to the product. The discounted price is displayed alongside the striked-out original price on the screen. Now the customer just needs to click on the button “Add to cart” to proceed to the payment process.


Step One (1 of 5)

Login to check your coupon activity

Your backoffice landing page contains all the generated coupons, along with their social impact. Here you can check how it affected the final product price. You can also activate /deactivate a coupon.

Step Two (2 of 5)

Store management made easy

In the Stores section you can manage your stores and their products, take a look at it's best selling offers, and check the store's social performance.

Step Three (3 of 5)

Discover your best products

Product pages will allow you to define a min/max discount that a certain product can take, in order to strike the perfect balance between profitability and social impact. In this section you can also check all the product data.

Step Four (4 of 5)

Know your customers

Looking at the profile of your customer you can discover his/her social and discount influences, purchasing power and interests, information that will enhance your future deals, with benefits for both.

Step Five (5 of 5)

Compare specific data (Coming Soon)

With Optipricer's powerful analytics you can compare offers by stores, products and time of purchase. It will help you justify good or bad sales performance by comparison.


Step One (1 of 3)

Install the Optipricer Magento Widget

Go to Magento Connect Manager and install the Optipricer widget by inserting the key of the Magento Connect site (http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/optipricer-1.html).

Step Two (2 of 3)

Choose your Products and Discounts

Activate your Optipricer account and configure the widget for the products that you want. Don’t forget to select the minimum and maximum discount for each instance.

Step Three (3 of 3)

Check out the widget!

Finally, you can see the widget instance in a product page. That's all! Enjoy the Optipricer Widget and all the features.


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